Christmas Colours!

Just a reminder that tomorrow is Christmas colours day in our class. Wear red or green or a favourite Christmas sweater to celebrate Miss MacIntyre’s last day.


December 11th-15th

Wow! The days are passing by quickly. This will be a busy week here at West Kent. Tomorrow Tuesday December 12th is the Primary Christmas concert. The dress rehearsal is at 9am and the show for parents and family will be at 11am. Then on Wednesday we will get to watch the dress rehearsal of the elementary concert. Thursday is Miss MacIntyre’s last day. The children have enjoyed having her here and she has learned so much working with your children. She is off to an international placement in February. On Thursday we are asking students to dress for the holiday season. (Red and green or a Christmas shirt or sweater if you have one.) Miss MacIntyre has some special things planned for this day.

With the busy week ahead we will just be focusing on two sight words this week. They are, make and of.

In the new year I will be changing our homework routine a little to go with our reading workshop. Students will still get 4 books a week but they will be practising them during reading workshop each day. They will choose one book each day to bring home. For the next two weeks we will practise this routine in school and they will begin taking books home again in the new year.

Over the next two weeks you can be reviewing sight words for homework and practise some math facts using the strategies we have been learning in class. The strategies are;

1. Counting on +1, +2, +3

2. Doubles up to 6 (1+1= 6+6=)

3. Counting back -1, -2, -3

Have a great week!

Mrs. Redmond

December 4-8th

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the late post. This weeks words are:

all                         call                               came                     from             had             saw


Christmas Concert

Grade One has been busy getting ready for our Christmas Concert with Mrs. Duncan. The performance will be on Tuesday December 12th at 11 am. The storm date is the 14th

Miss MacIntyre will be with us until Thursday December 14th, She has some fun activities planned for that day. To get us all in the Christmas spirit we are asking students to dress up for Christmas. Red and Green or a Christmas sweater that they may have at home.

Have a great week!


November 27- Dec 1st

Sight words:

come                    some                         or                             want                        yellow


Last week we started to introduce vowel sounds. We started with noticing the long and short /a/. We will continue to work on these two sounds this week. You can have students notice words in their homework books and ask if they have the long a like cake or short a like apple.

In word work we have also been noticing the word endings of /s/ and /ing/. When students are reading make sure that they are looking through the word and saying the ending.

In math, we are working on telling number stories. We are working on the addition strategy Counting on. So if I have 4 apples and I buy 2 more I choose the bigger number and count on. 4…5…6.

Bake Sale: This Thursday the grade 6 students are having a bake sale to support their twin school in Kenya. Students may bring in a loonie or toonie to buy a baked good for snack. We will be going at 9:45. If anyone needs support with participating in this activity please let me know and I  will make sure that everyone can participate.

Have a great week!


Small Moments

Hi Parents,

Today Miss MacIntyre began a new unit in writing with the children. It is called Small Moments writing. It is a way to teach personal narrative writing. Today she began by talking to the children about taking a big idea and zooming in to write lots of details. An example of a big idea is “a birthday party”. In small moments writing you would zoom in and pick one thing to focus on for example “the cake”. We sent home a sheet today to get some ideas flowing. Work on it a bit tonight. There is no need to fill it all in tonight. Discuss the categories with your child. You can either have your child fill it in or a parent can fill it in as you discuss. This will just allow us to help your child when they are having trouble picking an idea to write about.

Thanks for your help with this. Have fun taking a trip down memory lane with your children.

Mrs.Redmond and Miss MacIntyre

November 20th-24

Thank you to everyone for a great set of parent teacher interviews. I loved talking to everyone about their children’s progress.

We have lots of exciting things happening this week. We have Matt Rainne coming back to read another chapter from Bubba Begonia today. Then tomorrow the author of Bubba Begonia Gerry O’Brien is coming to our school! He will visit grade one for a short visit first thing in the morning to talk about the writing process.

Our new words for the week are:

little                    was            play             day       purple


This week we will be introducing the concept of addition. Today we are working on recognizing different number combinations for the numbers 5 and 10. At home you can pick a number from 2-10 and have students think of ways to make that number.

Have a great week!

Julie Redmond

November 14-16th

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend. This is interview and report card week at West Kent. Report cards are being sent home today. For those with two homes I will send one report card home today. I have copies for the other home which will be left at the office. You can pick them up at your convenience or I will have them at the interviews on Thursday and Friday.

Book Fair: Our class will be visiting the book fair tomorrow. Students will take a wish list home with titles and prices. We will talk to the children about what a “Wish” list is tomorrow. On Thursday they will have a chance to purchase books.

With the short week we will only have 2 homework books and three new words.

out          said            pink.

I’m looking forward to discussing your child’s progress this week.

Have a great week!