Field Trip and other news

Wow! We had a great day on our field trip. They boys and girls loved bowling this morning and we had a full afternoon of play at the park. They should sleep well for you tonight. Thank you to all the chaperones for your help.

Monday: On Monday we are going to have a games day. We have some board games here but if students would like to bring in a game from home to play that would be great. Please label your box in case there is more than one of the same game.

Have a super weekend!


Mrs. Redmond


“Beach Day” Theme

Just a reminder that we will be having a “Beach day” tomorrow. Bring a beach towel, some sunglasses and some good books from home! We will also be having a picnic outside if the weather permits so you may want to think about that when packing lunches

June 19th

Wow! It’s hard to believe we are in the last full week of school. There are lots of fun things happening this week.

Tomorrow we will have an ice cream social at 2pm. Parents are welcome to come and join us at this time. Students will be returning to class at 2:20 to get their kit bags and to get ready for bus dismissal. You can meet your child at their normal door at dismissal time. Parents and community members are also invited to come wish the three retirees farewell at 2:40 in the gym. There will be cake!

Thursday we will have a beach themed day in the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring a beach towel, sunglasses and some favourite books from home to read. We will also be making a summer bucket list.

Friday is our field trip day. There are still some outstanding forms and fees. Please have them returned by Thursday. Please be on time on Friday as we will be leaving the school at 9 am. Students will be taking their kit bags and indoor sneakers for bowling. We are bowling from 9:30-10:30. Hoping to be on the bus by 11 and heading down to the park. In previous years it has been hit or miss if the sprinklers are on or not. You may want to send a towel and change of clothes just incase. Please send sunscreen, water bottle and sneakers are preferred for playing on the equipment. I will be in touch with chaperones tomorrow after I confirm if they can all travel by bus.

Have a great week!

Mrs. Redmond

June 11th-15th

Homework: Reading will continue for this week. The last day of homework will be the 20th of June.

Field trip: Our field trip permission form is going home today. We are going bowling and picnic/play at Victoria Park in the afternoon. The cost is $5.

Garden Care Takers: Grade 3 is looking for volunteers to take care of the school gardens over the summer. There is an information sheet in the homework bag tonight.

Care Kit: We started the Care-Kit today along with help from Ms. Karla the guidance teacher. Over the next week we will be talking about personal safety.

Card 1: Everyone has a body: Goal of this lesson is to understand that every person’s body is unique and needs to be respected.

Card 2: What is public? What is private?: The Goal of this lesson is to understand the meaning of the terms public and private. Students will also learn about internet and technology safety. In part two of this lesson students will learn the correct names of the private parts of the body.

Card 3: Your body is yours! The Goals for this lessons are: To understand that taking care of your body is necessary for good health. To understand that sometimes children need help caring for their bodies. To know that a person’s body is private and belongs to that person only.

If you have any questions about this program please feel free to reach out to myself or Karla.

School Supply fees: If you haven’t paid for next years school supplies you can send in cash or cheque and Lena will issue you a receipt.

Have a great week!



Library exchange

We will have our final library exchange day tomorrow. Please try to return all books so students can have one more chance to sign books out.

Also I will be out for the next 2 days as my husband is having surgery. Please direct all end of day plan changes to the office so they can be forwarded to the substitute.

Thank you.

Wednesday May 23rd

We have been studying 3D shapes this week. Today we did a worksheet with where students had to think of a real life object that has the same shape and to draw it. I asked students to go on a shape hunt at home tonight. The challenge is to see if they can find one of each of the objects at home and bring it in tomorrow to share. Have fun and don’t worry about it if you can’t find all the shapes.