Apple Picking

Just a reminder that field trip forms are due today! Looking forward to a fun day on Friday.


Week of October 10th-13th

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend giving thanks for the positive things in our lives. I am thankful everyday to work with such great children and teachers here at West Kent.

We have a busy week ahead of us. We will be learning lots about apple trees and how trees change from season to season leading up to our field trip on Friday. I have one parent volunteer and would love to have another if anyone with a current criminal records check on file with the office would like to join us. Thank you to all who have sent back the forms and money. For those who haven’t yet. I’d like to have all collected by Wednesday if possible.

Words of the week:

went           it                  go              an             in              brown.

Letters and sounds of the week:

Ff                   Bb               Jj              Zz

In math we are continuing to work on recognizing numbers to 20. Continue practicing counting forwards and backwards to and from 20. You can also be asking “What is 1 more than _________, Or 1 less than _________.”

Have a great weekend!


Week of October 2nd-5th

Good Morning,

I hope everyone enjoyed that lovely weekend. I saw several families taking in the Farm Day in the City event. It’s always great to see families outside of school. This will be a short week with PD on Friday.

Our words for this week are:    am            here             at           it          look           green

The letter and sound focus this week will include:   Gg      Oo         Uu      Ll

Next Friday we will be going apple picking to go with our science theme Daily and Seasonal Changes. Please keep an eye out this week for the permission form. The cost will be $4. Students will return with a 3lbs bag of apples each. I will be looking for 2 volunteers with criminal records checks to come with us. Please email me if you are interested in volunteering.

Have a great week!

Julie Redmond


Hi everyone,

I just wanted to put out a reminder that tomorrow is orange shirt day. If your child doesn’t have anything orange don’t worry. I will have orange hearts cut out that we will have students wear if they want to.

Today I sent home their grey poetry folder. These are poems that we have been reading in class. Have your child share them with you tonight and send back to school tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will have our second sight word test. I also just wanted to remind parents that we will be a adding words to their wordlist as we learn them. Please do not fill in words as there will be no space left for our new words. Thanks.

Julie Redmond

September 25-29th

We had another great week in 1A! The students have been working hard and have filled our cube jar. Today their first reward was a treat (small box of smarties). Yesterday we made a list of rewards for filling the jar and each time we will pick something different. Some examples were, extra playtime outside, choice time in the classroom, story on the smartboard, game day, pajama day.

We had a great day for the Terry Fox Run! Thank you to so many who brought in donations this week and/or came to do the run with us. The children had fun with their activities this week to raise money.

We have been reading lots of stories about responsibility, trust, being kind and many other character traits to go with our health and social studies outcomes. We are establishing routines and expectations. Grade one is a big change from kindergarten and they are doing so well. I know they must all be tired at night!

Today was the first day of Fall and we celebrated by reading a book about Fall and brainstorming all they know about fall. The children started writing a book about what they know and like about fall. This falls in nicely with our science unit on Daily and Seasonal Changes. As you do fall activities notice the changes that are happening around you. Point out the leaves changing colour and falling to the ground. Talk about the day light getting shorter and discuss how you get ready for Fall around your house.

We had our first sight word test today. Students did very well finding the words on the word wall. I will be sending home the test on Monday. Please sign the sheet and return it to school on Tuesday so we can have it for our test on Friday. If your child had difficulty with some of the words please continue to practise them at home.

Our new words for this week are:   he         she              we          me          is             blue

We will be focusing on the letters:  Ee        Hh         Rr             Mm              Dd

In math, we will continue working on counting to 20 and recognizing teen numbers. At home continue practising counting forwards and backwards to 20.

We will be collecting non-perishable food items for the Drive Away Hunger Food campaign. You can send in items until October 12th.

Have a great weekend and enjoy this last bit of Summer weather!


Weekly update September 18th

Sight words for Sept 18th,    I          like            the           can          a           red

This week we will begin our helper schedule. You will find a calendar for the remainder of September in your child’s homework bag. Please post the calendar somewhere at home that you will be able to refer to it for your child’s day. On your child’s helper day they may bring in a favourite book to share with the class. Please preview the book at home and make sure it is grade one appropriate (no guns, violence etc). It should only take about 5 minutes to read. Please only send books on helper day.

Homework will begin on Monday September, 18th. Students will have 4 books in their homework folder. Please read one book per night. Please sign homework sheet nightly. Only record the book once even if they read it more. Practise sight words and count to 20 forwards and backwards. Please return books, folder and homework bag daily. We will sometimes have helpers to read with children in the class and it is easiest if they can grab their homework bags and go.

We have been reviewing the letters of the alphabet using Jolly Phonics actions, as well as printing upper and lowercase letters. Last week we reviewed letters, Ss, Aa, Tt, Ii. This week we will review Pp, Nn, Cc, Kk.

For the first few week we will be reviewing the 25 Kindergarten words. I will also be adding a new word into the mix. See above for the words of the week.

Have a great week!

Julie Redmond

Birthday Parties

Hi Again,

Last night at Meet the Teacher Night, Terra’s mom Christine volunteered to collect parent emails to make it easier to send out birthday invitations. I know with a big class most will probably not be able to invite all children to every birthday party. As you can imagine in the classroom it can be hurtful to young children if some are getting invitations and they are not. With the email list Christine will do up an email with everyone’s email and send it out. Then you can decide how many children you are able to invite and do the invites that way. This will also be a good tool if you want to have play dates during the year. If you have not already signed the sheet you can send a slip of paper in with your email and I will send it home with Terra so your address can be added to the list.


Julie Redmond